How to listen to all radios

Most of radios featured at filtermusic stream in high quality, so you should have a DSL/cable connection.

1) To listen in your browser click on a radio's name or description or play icon.

How to listen to radio stations

2) If you click on the "More" button a popup appears.

Radio page

3)  Rate this radio, share it on your favorite social network, add it to your list of 'Favorite radios' (only for registered users) or listen with your installed media player (click on the button "Listen with VLC / iTunes".

In case you haven't got a media player on your computer you can download and install some popular media players using the following links:



Though we try to update the filtermusic directory as often as possible, sometimes internet radios just stop streaming, either because their server is down, or it's overpacked from listeners. If you have some minutes to spare, you could always drop us a line to inform us about the problem. Hey, we are good guys, we'll help!