International / Ethnic

  • Blue Bossa Nova

    Coolest brazilian jazz'n bossa from Rio de Janeiro. 

  • Mantra

    An eclectic mix of beats, layers & chants with transcendental ethnic and spiritual sounds.

  • Aewen

    Pop, indie and K-pop music from popular Korean artists.

  • Byblos

    Byblos radio plays Mediterranean music: Lebanese, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.

  • Masr Elgdida

    Arabic style music from Egypt.

  • Kpopway

    K-pop music from Lima, PerĂº.

  • Psalmsradio

    Malayalam Christian Devotional e-radio Broadcasting 24/7.

  • Subarashii

    Radio dedicated to Japanese anime music (mangas and some video games).

  • Radio City Freedom

    Some of the best independent music from the Indian sub-continent.