Frequently Asked Questions

Problems listening to a radio? Find your answer here or send us your question.

Why can’t I tune in?

You will probably have no problem if your desktop system runs the latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser along with an updated Flash player plugin.

If you can't listen to a radio, it probably means the station is full of listeners and can’t accept more users at the moment. If this happens more often, it might be a problem with your internet connection. If you can never tune in it, probably means you’re behind a firewall that doesn’t allow radio streams. You may want to read some general instructions describing how you can install several players.

My favorite radio has been deleted

Sometimes internet radios just stop streaming. Either because their server is down or full of listeners. In this case the radio is automatically removed from filtermusic directory. When the problem is solved the radio is listed again.

Where do you get your background photos?

Most background photos are emailed to us by website users or collected all over the internet.

Some photos are taken from a stock photo site with thousand photographers and quality galleries. Almost all of them are free to download and use as long as you stick to their license agreement.

Other sources of inspiration include Lastnightsparty and Torekimi.

All rights belong to their rightful owners.

What is internet radio?

First there was AM and then FM. Most recently, the satellite radio companies have proclaimed themselves as the logical next step in the evolution of radio. But the choices provided by the internet along with the ever growing and improving technology guarantees that, within a couple of years, internet radio will be the choice for the best variety at the best price: free. Welcome to the future!

What is Filtermusic?

Filtermusic is updated (almost daily) with radio stations that stream in high quality (128Kbps) and play only music; you won't find a radio here where people having lenghty discussions (just in case these are the radio stations you are especially looking for, some can be found at the "Various/Independent" section).

All streams presented have been filtered especially for electronic & dance music from thousands of stations all over the Internet.

If you encounter problems listening to one of the radio-streams please read the help section on this page.

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Can I listen to filtermusic radios on my iPhone or Android?

Just visit with your iPhone, Android or download the iOS app. We are currently developing an Android app. Read more about this.

How can I access my bookmarks from other computers?

Register for an account and all your bookmarks will available wherever you are.

What kind of stations do you cover? Why don’t you have Station ‘X’?

If you can’t find a station, that’s because we don’t have it in our directory yet. If you want to add a stream please fill the relevant form.

Can I suggest a station?

Sure! Just submit the URL of the stream or stream playlist (.pls/.m3u file). We shall review the radio and get back to you with an answer within a few days.