Various / Mainstream

Meuh radio


Independent radio out of the French Alps playing fresh songs from all four corners of the globe.

Le Son Parisien radio

Le Son Parisien

A fine selection of electronica and indie new releases, mixed with fresh records from the finest french music labels.

Athens Voice Electronic radio

Athens Voice Electronic

The soundtrack of Athens city -  a blend of pop, easy listening & urban with an electronic twist.

The Music Machine radio

The Music Machine

Upfront indie, dance & urban music.

OpenLab radio


Alternative radio based in Ibiza streaming music spanning from electronic & ambient to chillout, soul & jazz.

Raheem radio


Music and visuals from Milan with a cosmic perspective.

Space dogs radio

Space dogs

A unique mix of sci-fi pop, easy listening, indie, disco,  poptronika and chilled vibes.

Noods radio


Independent Bristol based radio - tune in with open ears.

Radio 3S radio

Radio 3S

100% solar powered good music - house, disco, funk, lounge, world & hip hop music.

Kiosk radio


Online community radio streaming from a wooden shack in the heart of Brussels’ historic Parc Royal.

DinamoFM Smog radio

DinamoFM Smog

If you’re serious about electronic music and want to venture a bit deeper than regular listeners do, this is it.

Movement Athens radio

Movement Athens

Radio exploring concepts of presence and motion focused mainly in music of the area of the Mediterranean Basin.

Monkey Bros radio

Monkey Bros

TripHop, rap and dub tracks from around the planet - trip out with the most fresh selections.

Music Box radio

Music Box

An eclectic collective of DJs playing live from the centre of London.

Global Funk Radio radio

Global Funk Radio

Playing electro, jazz, funk, hiphop and breaks.

Movie Radio radio

Movie Radio

Soundtracks and film music curated by Beats Radio.

I Have A Dream radio

I Have A Dream

Eclectic and independent musical programme from France.

Kiss FM radio

Kiss FM

All genres of dance and electronica.

Futuradios radio


Hits & dance anthems.

Swisspop radio


An exceptionally broad repertoire of the best and most familiar pop songs from the last 30 years.

Maxxima radio


New electronic music radio from France.

Frequence3 radio


French hit webradio.

PurelectroRadio radio


100% electro music.

EDM Sessions radio

EDM Sessions

Electronic dance music by top live personalities and the world's top mix-show presenters.

Worldwide FM radio

Worldwide FM

An international platform for underground music, culture and stories from across the globe.

Londons Energy radio

Londons Energy

UK garage, house and DnB. Live In the Past, love the old skool.

GBH Music radio

GBH Music

French music mag promoting alternative/emerging artists.

Tsugi radio


Fresh and exciting new electronic indie and pop music from famous French magazine Tsugi.

8radio radio


New and classic alternative music from Dublin, Ireland curated by passionate presenters.

Le Village Pop radio

Le Village Pop

Focused on music, cinema and artists' words. 

Dream Machine radio

Dream Machine

Intergalacticfm Dream machine: non stop soundtracks.

Raw FM radio

Raw FM

Australia's most credible dance music network.

NTS radio


Internationally based artists and DJs.

17bis radio


An eclectic mix of indie pop, rock, soul, electro, hip hop, jazz, world music even some classical.

Radio Paradise radio

Radio Paradise

Old fashioned radio station - an eclectic musical adventure.  

EFR12 radio


Eurovision entries, national selection songs, Eurovision covers and remix.

Dublab radio


Non-profit web radio collective based in LA devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture.

GlitterBeam radio


Cool and different LGBT+ radio - music with sparkle.

Explorers Emporium radio

Explorers Emporium

Fun, adventure, Celtic, movie & music that tells stories about life.

Electro Swing Revolution radio

Electro Swing Revolution

Electro swing, neo swing, swing house and dancefloor jazz around the clock - directly from Berlin.

Planet Pootwaddle radio

Planet Pootwaddle

A healthy dose of classic rock along with an occasional taste of music for grown-ups.

U2 Zoo radio

U2 Zoo

Fan maintained 24/7 U2 only internet radio stream.

SomaFM Beat Blender