Rock / Metal

Listen to Loaded radio


Featuring live personalities, big name interviews and killer hard rock and metal.

Listen to Salvame radio


Avant-garde artistic proposals from Mexico City - rock, garage, dark, indie etc.

Listen to Wigwam radio


All sorts of good quality rock music while providing a platform for emerging unsigned talent.

Listen to Spoon radio


All kinds of rock classic rock, 80s & 90s as well as today's greatest rock bands.

Listen to SA Rock radio

SA Rock

Rock music from a community based, listener-supported radio station broadcasting from Adelaide, South Australia.

Listen to Andhow radio


A world-class, always eclectic, indie, alternative, retro/vintage rock & more radio station.

Listen to DKFM Shoegaze radio

DKFM Shoegaze

Shoegaze and dream pop, classics and best new artists, from the world's only multi-award-winning shoegaze station.

Listen to 12XU radio


Tune in if you like garage punk, noise rock, post punk and the rawer forms of indie rock.