Rock / Metal

  • Soma FM Indie Pop Rocks

    New and favorite classic indie pop tracks.

  • Beyond beat generation

    Archiving and publishing the entire, long forgotten 'wild' musical gems out of the great years of the sixties to a bright audience.

  • Salvame

    Avant-garde artistic proposals from Mexico City - rock, garage, dark, indie etc.

  • Radio Paradise

    Radio Paradise is an old fashioned radio station, playing songs from the 21st century. 

  • CRDC

    Classic rock deep cuts - screwing corporate radio one song at a time.

  • Rockworld 24

    Independent, unlimited and nonstop radio broadcasting rock & metal music.

  • Bluesradio

    Only blues, electric blues, and some rock blues.

  • Jukebox

    Classic rock & blues music radio.

  • Morow

    Based on Paris, France, dedicated to progressive rock.

  • Delicious Agony

    Playing and promoting progressive rock music of all kinds.

  • Pirate Radio - Punk

    Unique and compelling free form radio.

  • Metal Arena

    Intelligent, melodic, technical and emotional metal music.

  • Cathedral 13

    Music for the last generation: goth, deathrock, postpunk and darkwave.

  • La Grosse Radio Rock

    La Grosse Radio Rock Alternative. Indie pop hit legends from Paris.

  • SA Rock

    Rock music from a community based, listener-supported radio station broadcasting from Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Hang10rockradio

    Just kick ass rock!

  • Wigwam

    All sorts of good quality rock music while providing a platform for emerging unsigned talent.

  • Surf Rock

    Modern surf bands like The Zillatones, Marshall and The Martins and others.

  • QCIndie

    Everything from punk to new wave to grunge to indie, and more.

  • Pure Rock

    Live Hard Rock and Heavy Metal mobile and internet radio since 2000.

  • Krautrock world

    Psychedelic and progressive rock music from Germany.

  • Radio Caroline

    Radio Caroline, rocking around the world.

  • Latesurf

    Original tracks from the 1st and 2nd psychedelic era.

  • Free Phoenix

    Long lost to the FM Airwaves, this mix of music is alive and vibrant and on RadioFreePhoenix.

  • Spoon

    All kinds of rock classic rock, 80s & 90s as well as today's greatest rock bands.

  • Idobi Radio

    Internet radio station that broadcasts 24/7 alternative rock music with a mainstream focus.

  • Vinyle Collection

    Relive the atmosphere with Vinyl Rock of the '60s with the '70s rock music, rock and roll, garage and psychedelic.

  • Skaspot

    A variety of ska music from across the globe including traditional ska and rocksteady as well as two tone, 3rd wave and new ska music.

  • Rush

    Rush Radio streaming the music of Rush 24/7.

  • 12XU

    Tune in if you like garage punk, noise rock, post punk and the rawer forms of indie rock.

  • Andhow

    A world-class, always eclectic, indie, alternative, retro/vintage rock & more radio station.

  • OUI FM

    Popular French rock radio station.

  • Progressive Positivity

    Progressive and fusion radio.