Rock / Metal

Indie Pop Rocks radio

Indie Pop Rocks

New and favorite classic indie pop tracks by SomaFM.

QCIndie radio


Everything from punk to new wave to grunge to indie, and more.

Cosmic Fuzz radio

Cosmic Fuzz

Stoner, desert and heavy psych rock.

Loaded radio


Featuring live personalities, big name interviews and killer hard rock and metal.

RA Rock radio

RA Rock

Latest rock singles and also the best in South African rock music.

Salvame radio


Avant-garde artistic proposals from Mexico City - rock, garage, dark, indie etc.

XRaydio radio


Garage rock, vintage soul and rock & roll from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Cathedral 13 radio

Cathedral 13

Music for the last generation: goth, deathrock, postpunk and darkwave.

ZZROCK radio


Rock hits from the only real rock radio station in Belgium.

Wigwam radio


All sorts of good quality rock music while providing a platform for emerging unsigned talent.

Spoon radio


All kinds of rock classic rock, 80s & 90s as well as today's greatest rock bands.

SA Rock radio

SA Rock

Rock music from a community based, listener-supported radio station broadcasting from Adelaide, South Australia.

Caroline radio


Rocking around the world.

Surf Rock radio

Surf Rock

Modern surf bands like The Zillatones, Marshall and The Martins and others.

Krautrock world radio

Krautrock world

Psychedelic and progressive rock music from Germany.

Morow radio


Paris based radio dedicated to progressive rock.

Andhow radio


A world-class, always eclectic, indie, alternative, retro/vintage rock & more radio station.

Bluesradio radio


Only blues, electric blues, and some rock blues.

Delicious Agony radio

Delicious Agony

Playing and promoting progressive rock music of all kinds.

Rock Melodic radio

Rock Melodic

Melodic rock classics, AOR, hard rock, soundtracks & hits from the past till today. 

OUI FM radio


Popular French rock radio station.

Idobi Howl radio

Idobi Howl

Idobi Howl channel: metal & hardcore.

DKFM Shoegaze radio

DKFM Shoegaze

Shoegaze and dream pop, classics and best new artists, from the world's only multi-award-winning shoegaze station.

12XU radio


Tune in if you like garage punk, noise rock, post punk and the rawer forms of indie rock.

La Grosse Radio Rock radio

La Grosse Radio Rock

Indie pop hit legends from Paris.

SomaFM Beat Blender