July 2024

  • Add song recognition script
  • Link song to Spotify and YouTube Music

May 2024

  • Build script to check if radios are online

April 2024

  • Use Astro JS Image component
  • Change CDN for wallpapers
  • Add/remove some wallpapers
  • Optimize handling of wallpapers
  • Make player reconnect after quick network disconnects
  • Add Lightning QR code @ support page

March 2024

  • Update Android app
  • Use Pagefind for searching the website

February 2024

  • Several radios update
  • VideoJS update

December 2023

  • Added Christmas radio stations
  • Fix broken layout of tags @ aside

November 2023

  • Update several radio stations & static pages
  • Fix issue where CSS was not being loaded correctly on some pages
  • Update donation page
  • Add link to donation page @ category & tag pages

October 2023

  • Link tags @ radio page to their respective category pages

September 2023

  • Use Astro for our front end system. yay! That was a big one!
  • Better styles for play/pause icons
  • Added some new background images. Delete some old ones
  • Added Facebook share functionality

June 2023

  • Remove unnecessary modules
  • Fix bug of player not loading on empty /bookmarks page
  • Simplify how some svg are being loaded

May 2023

  • Delete "mainstream" category & merge into "various"
  • Show background images on mobiles - not full screen.
  • Totally remove boostrap.js - use vanilla JS for tooltips, modals etc.
  • Close main category menu on mobiles when clicking outside of it.
  • Use vanilla JS for main category menu on mobiles
  • Added a block-text to ask users for support.
  • Simplify ajax load scripts

March 2023

  • Fix user cancellation process

January 2023

  • Improve background image when loading
  • Improve aside menu load styles. 
  • Add previous/next player navigation that can be controlled from mobile lock screen - huge! 
  • Use Web Share API for sharing radios in native HTMLDialogElement.

December 2022

  • Move radio player to center of screen on desktop resolutions

November 2022

  • Created individual posts of all background images with credits & links to artist.
  • Control background images from drupal. yay!
  • Use videojs as the media player.
  • Set GA4 custom events tracker
  • Simplify player JS code.
  • Deleted unused content types
  • Use Media Session API to display radio thumbs on media players.
  • Randomize the list of radio stations @ homepage. 
  • Display credits of background photos

October 2022

  • Page <titles> to display current radio station

September 2022

  • Check all radio stations

August 2022

  • Release PWA Microsoft Store app

July 2022

  • New PWA icons
  • Release new PWA Android app - yay!
  • Find script to check broken radio links
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