Various / Independent

  • Le Son Parisien

    A fine selection of electronica and indie new releases, mixed with fresh records from the finest french music labels.

  • DinamoFM Smog

    If you’re serious about electronic music and want to venture a bit deeper than regular listeners do, this is it.

  • Lanoche del hombrelobo

    The most commercial-free music on Creative Commons, pop, disco, hits.

  • Cannibal

    Music from house to techno and from dub to DnB. Striving to break the established sponsored radio music routine.

  • Frission

    A worldwide collective curating great music in all its unique forms with roots in electronic music.

  • Pigpen

    A Bristol based social enterprise streaming positive conscious music: reggae, funk, hip hop, ska, dub, trip hop.

  • MCR Live

    Music, culture & radio from Manchester. From techno to jazz, they aren’t defined to a single genre. If the content excites, they play it.

  • Space dogs

    A unique mix of sci-fi pop, easy listening, indie, disco,  poptronika and chilled vibes.

  • Global Funk Radio

    Playing electro, jazz, funk, hiphop and breaks.

  • Berlin Community Radio

    Shows covering all aspects of Berlin's creative & diverse scene.

  • Noods

    Independent Bristol radio playing all sorts of cool music.

  • Streaming Soundtracks

    Broadcasts movie scores, TV themes, anime and game music.

  • Soundtrax

    The latest scores in theaters, classics from the past along with music from television and video games.

  • Dream Machine

    Intergalacticfm Dream machine: non stop soundtracks.

  • 17bis

    An eclectic mix of indie pop, rock, soul, electro, hip hop, jazz, world music even some classical.

  • Planet Pootwaddle

    A healthy dose of classic rock along with an occasional taste of music for grown-ups.

  • Audiomastering

    Electronic music radio with live broadcasts from events from Lithuania.

  • NTS

    Internationally based artists and DJs.

  • ARTxFM

    Eclectic Arts Programming

  • Barfly

    Free spirits, music brains & drunken souls. Non-commercial music, songs & artists.

  • Fragradio

    Europe's largest gaming radio playing all sorts of music.


    DFM is an independent webradio multimedia station with international artists. 

  • Electro Swing Revolution

    Electro swing, neo swing, swing house and dancefloor jazz around the clock - directly from Berlin.

  • Intersonik

    Independent radio active experiment freestyle that broadcasts and promotes independent artists and labels.

  • Basso

    Basso radio streams mostly rap, hip-hop and electronic music from Finland.

  • U2 Zoo

    Fan maintained 24/7 U2 only internet radio stream.

  • Celestia

    Non-profit project that plays music that is licensed directly only by the artists.

  • Anonymous

    Popular community-driven radio from Russia.

  • Plusfm

    If you are receptive with all forms of electronic sonorities, you will like the eclectic "mixture" of plusfm.

  • Chiplduk

    Radio Unlimited,plays covers, easy listening music, from Russia with love!

  • dRadio

    Putting together beloved voices and music, being ready for the coolest journey, that of music.

  • Dublab

    Dublab is a non-profit web radio collective, devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture.

  • WFMU

    Listener-supported, non-commercial radio station. It is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.

  • Bear Radio network

    Bearradio is an eclectic Gay Radio, 24/7 digital webcast featuring some of the best independent music on the net from Gay, Lesbian and Gay-friendly Artists.

  • Paranoise

    Independent, alternative radio playing contemporary urban music.

  • Periszkop

    Various subcultural themes and musical styles from Hungary.

  • 1190 Radio

    Playing great music that doesn't get heard on the vapidly safe FM giants. 

  • Beograund

    Crossover, eclectic, inspired music: Funk, (nu) jazz, blues, swing, downbeat, reggae, trip hop, latin, afro, blues, hip hop, electro & rock music.